E-Government is here. Or is it?
This week, member of the German Parliament Christoph Bernstiel (CDU) made time to sit down with representatives from universities, civil administration, IT-, and security companies. Of course, Studies+ took a front row seat during the discussion.

Bernstiel discussed the paradoxical situation of E-Gonvernment today. On the one hand, field-tested solutions for fast, easy, and secure civil administration services are ready to go — on the other hand, suspicion and disinterest amongst prospesctive users is preventing wide-scale implemenation. Most German civil service providers have a hard time convincing their clients to migrate to E-Government solutions.

This is where Studies+ might help. We are aiming to provide secure and accessible solutions for the bureaucratic needs of tens of thousands of mobile students in the EU. Our legal and security standards are compatible with those of businesses and civil agencies. Our partner SiXFORM is market leader regarding secure and cost-efficient end-user solutions. SiXFORM’s client-terminal uses a read-only OS, which provides top level security without sacrificing any user services.

Studies+ is aiming to provide every European university campus with an eIDAS-level terminal for accessing secure services concerning student mobility. Why not integrate our goal with E-Government solutions? From a technical perspective, it would be easy to upgrade our Studies+terminals to also include E-Government or other services. Once activated via secured terminal, all the applications might even be conducted on an user-approved smart-phone. Studies+ might help E-Government to broaden physical accessibility and visibility significantly.

The future is European

Every year, tens of thousands of young students move inside the EU for academic purposes. They are all potential clients for secure and easy services. If we are looking for early adopters, let’s consider Europe’s future — let’s consider Europe’s youth. Implementing E-Government solutions can only be achieved by integrating services on an european level. Let’s stop thinking nationally.

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