Student eCard

The Student eCard is a digital student ID card for the smartphone. This app allows students to securely authenticate themselves with this digital card, both to use several online services (course registration, grades viewing, etc.) as well as the previously known offline services (paying in the canteen, university elections, lending books, etc.). The electronic identity is derived from the student's national ID card and enriched with some additional attributes (like registration number, for instance). This data is stored exclusively on the student's smartphone and this student alone is the only one who has control over her/his identity attributes.
The Student eCard represents a secure alternative to the previous approaches using username and password and has added a second factor for authentication. This is used by the student to confirm her/his identity and to ensure that only an authorized student has access to her/his data.
To give a student more control over her/his data, each time personal data is authorized and transferred, the student is given an overview of who is requesting the data, for what purpose it is requested, and exactly what data is to be transferred. Only with the personal confirmation of the authorized student the data is transmitted.