Taking on your host-country’s civil administration can be a daunting task. To facilitate international students’ integration into their host-country’s local bureaucracy, StudIES+ provides digital ways of filling out civil-services forms and ensuring secure electronic delivery.

Advantages for the civil administration:

  • Students authentification handled by StudIES+ using national eIDAS scheme notified by European Union
  • Management of sensitive student data handled digitally in accordance with German jurisdiction
  • Electronic signatures secured according to eIDAS-standard
  • Documents transmitted securely via an electronic channel without any media discontinuity on the legally approved delivery routes (qeRDS (De-Mail), EGVP)

Advantages for students:

  • No more queues: don’t spend your time abroad waiting in lines
  • Basic Error correction: Annotated forms guide you through the process
  • Verifiable and secure delivery of signed documents