International students are a very promising target-group for some landlords. As tenants they are looking for modest and short-term accommodation. As they are receiving Erasmus-scholarships, their financial standing is also guaranteed. eVacancy provides the legal and digital framework for landlords and international students to come together.

With our partner Wohnungsbaugesellschaft der Stadt Wittenberge mbH ( WGW Wittenberge ).

Advantages for landlords:

  • Students authentification handled by StudIES+ using national eIDAS scheme notified by European Union
  • Management of sensitive student data handled digitally in accordance with German jurisdiction (e.g. Selbstauskunft)
  • Legally binding rental agreements without vis-à-vis meetings
  • Electronic signatures secured according to eIDAS-standard

Advantages for students:

  • No red tape: find a flat with your smart phone
  • Plan ahead: send applications while still in your home-country
  • Guaranteed accommodation: Be assured of your renting contract – fraud impossible