This workshop was organized jointly by the DG Education and Culture (EAC) and DG Communication Network, Content and Technology (CNECT) with the objective to bring together EU funded projects within the scope of the EU Student Card Initiative.
Background for these projects is the Digital Education Plan, adopted in 2018 following the Bologna process, which aims to “making better use of digital technology for teaching and learning”.

Projects are funded both, under the Erasmus+ program and the 2017 CEF Telecom eIdentification& eSignature Call. The aim of the workshop is to share developments that already exist, pooling resources together and avoiding double work, while ensuring that all project work into the same direction.

  • Projects from the Erasmus+ program: EWP, ESC and EMREX
  • Projects from the 2017 CEF call: Studies+, ESMO and eID4U
  • In addition the Pan-European eInfrastructure for research and education networks: GÉANT

Each project was briefly introduced by the participants and lively discussion initiated between the different projects. It was for the first time, that projects from these two funding-streams had the opportunity to share ideas and explore the best approaches for an efficient collaboration between Erasmus+ and CEF-project.
It was decided that during the next 12 months further workshops will be held support this cooperation.

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